I’ve decided to do my year in review in picture format (for the months that I have pictures that is)


We finally got part of a white winder. I love the snow, so it is always nice to see it fall and to see it freshly fallen. It’s not so nice when it has been disturbed so I made sure I got a picture of it freshly fallen.



I can’t really think of anything of note that happened in February. I was still at university, and as it was getting close to the end of the course my focus was on dissertation.


This is my birthday month. When you get to 34, it’s more like another day rather than a celebration day. Again, focus was still university. This was a peanut butter cup birthday cake made by the one, the only, the lovely Jamie



This was our UK road trip month. We decided to visit parts of the UK that we hadn’t seen before. We just HAD to do the Lands End sign! You can read about that here, here and here.



The dissertation presentation finally arrived! Here is my little pitch that I set up with materials and my dissertation artefact.



Well, June brought along our new pet. We’ve never had a rabbit before – both as a married couple and growing up. It was a new one for us. He is a Giant French Lop. He is just weeks old here. We had no idea how much he would grow!



Yup, it’s another Sugar one! You can tell if a rabbit is happy by certain things they do. They are not vocal animals, so it’s hard to tell. One of the ways in which they show they are happy and content is by how they sleep. If they sleep on their sides, they are really comfortable where they are – meaning they are not scared at all. I love to see him sleeping like this.



Suprise! Another one! He’s such a content little thing. He’ll sit there (if he’s in the mood that is) and let you pet him, play with him, style him. He was content to lay there with my glasses on! Crazy thing!



This was a busy month and warrants 2 pictures. I went into production at work – meaning live call taking (not picture worthy, it’s only crappy call centre work). We road tripped to the Cotswolds for the very first time. Woohoo – I graduated from university!




October was a busy work month. I didn’t really have time to do much. Jamie did have a birthday, but as I was working we didn’t have much time to do anything. Shame that like!


We day tripped to Grafham Water – the first time we’ve both been. It wasn’t anything too special. It was an OK weather day. Nothing to write home about. There isn’t much there. Only go if you like walking, cycling or sailing. We walked part way round the lake and saw a jetty going out into the lake. A nice place to stand we thought. How wrong! We got there and the gate was closed. What a waste of a jetty.



Woohoo. European road trip time. We were adamant that since we didn’t make it to the Christmas market in Germany last Christmas (find out why here), we were going to make it this year. And we for sure did. You can find out what we got up to here. I’ve always wanted to go to Maastricht, so it was nice that I got to go there after trying to get there on our last road trip into Europe


So, there you have it. My year in pictures and words. Hope yours was a good one.

If you want to see our pics, head on over here