I figure it’s been quite a while since I last wrote – February 11 to be exact. I thought since it has been so long and that we have been on a trip – that I should write.

Just a brief update as to what has been going on since then and now:

Seetec have gotten more involved with me
My WCA was in my favour for a change
School is still going strong

I’m gonna tell you a bit about our trip. I had a good time – I don’t think Jamie enjoyed it as much as she had to do all the driving. I’m sure she’ll write something about it on her blog too. You can find her blog here

I’ll talk about the places we visited and put my favourite picture(s) from each place. I’ll post the link to the gallery after the post. This will take 3 posts as we visited a lot of places

MapBournemouthDurdle DoorPenzanceLands' EndClovelly

Saw Mary Shelley's grave

Walked along the beach from Boscombe

Awesome natural wonder of England. A must see!

We saw St Michaels Mount - sadly we couldn't cross as the tide was in

The sign post - of course!

A town with no cars - and lots of STEEP hills

It was nice to get to go to Bournemouth. I haven’t been there since 2002. I remember it being really nice with a nice public garden and a nice beach. I have really wanted Jamie to visit here.

Our first port of call was just along the coast in Boscombe. We decided to take a walk along the beach to Bournemouth. We didn’t realise how far it would be. It was a nice walk along. The sun was shining and Jamie took advantage of that. We were about half way along and decided to take a ride up the cliff lift.

East Cliff Lift

Mary Shelley Grave

Once we were at the Bournemouth end of the beach, Jamie made a beeline for the Church of St Peter. This is where Mary Shelley (Frankenstein author) is buried. In 2002 I spent 6 weeks living in Bournemouth and I didn’t even know it was there.
Jamie had seen some pictures of Durdle Door in a book and having looked at the pictures on Google and also Google Maps, we both decided that this was a place we wanted to visit. We for sure weren’t disappointed when we got there.

What we didn’t realise, is that the arch was a 1/4 mile down a steep hill to get to it. We put our muscles and bodies to work that visit that’s for sure. The picture doesn’t do the steep descent any justice.

Path to Durdle Door

I decided it would be nice to have a panoramic view around Durdle Door and this is what I got

Durdle Door Panorama

Our next port of call was Penzance. It was a nice drive along the coast, but we got further up into the country to get on to the right road to Penzance.

In the same book Jamie found out about Durdle Door, she also found out about St Michael’s Mount. The pictures from the book looked awesome.

Sadly, we couldn’t get across the water to get to it. The weather was not in our favour and the tide was in. We still decided it would be good to get a picture or two.

St Michael's Mount

After we had walked down to the beach to get some rocks and sand, we decided it was cold enough and windy enough for us to head to the B&B and that is exactly what we did. We decided to get ourselves a good nights sleep.

Lands' End

We decided that we wanted to see the very edge of England and to do that, it would require us to drive to Lands’ End. Thankfully, it was only a 10 mile drive from Penzance. It was quite surreal being there. Surreal knowing that we were in the most westerly part of England. It was nice to look out into the Atlantic
What visit to Lands’ End would be complete without the obligatory (not really) picture next to the Lands’ End signpost? That is exactly what we decided to do. A nice memento of our visit there.

Lands' End Signpost

We decided to try a traditional Cornish Cream Tea. If you ever visit here and want one, don’t get it from here. It was just the worst. It was factory produced and very expensive. Find a nice little cafe elsewhere that make the scones by hand.

I took a panoramic here too.

Lands' End Panorama

Our last port of call in this part of England was Clovelly. It is a tiny little coastal village that has no car access – at least on to the High Street. The hills are pretty steep to get into the village.

We didn’t quite make it all the way down to the beach as it was just too much for us. It is a quaint little village. It has all mod cons but it looks like a place that time has forgotten. It is for sure well worth a visit.

Clovelly High Street

Devon Cream Tea

If you want a cream tea, this is definitely the place to come for one. It was by far the best cream tea that we had on the trip. Dare I say it, but Devon does a better cream tea than Cornwall does.

If you plan on visiting Devon, then Clovelly is definitely a place you want to go. Just be wary of the steep gradients on the paths down to the village

You can find all of the pictures from this part of the trip here