So, I thought it time to write since Jamie has beaten me to it!

I was going to do it all in one post, but since there is a lot I want to share – I will do it in stages.

I am going to briefly say that the Thursday was a drama filled day that meant a wait of 3 hours for the Eurotunnel and getting to our hotel after reception had closed. It involved lots of calls to the hotel out of hours and our booking agent. We finally made it to Caen and were thankful to get some sleep!

Our first day was really the Friday and there is where the post will start from.

We decided that we would go and visit Le Mémorial de Caen. It is a museum that covers from World War 1 right up until the end of the Cold War.


Caen Memorial

I knew a little about each war (not as much as I thought or had hoped!), so it was good to be able to go here and see what artefacts and accounts they had from the war. This post is going to be mostly pictures with very little narrative. I couldn’t do as much justice with the narrative as the pictures can.


A 1914 European Map

Europe after World War 1

Europe After World War 1

Hitler Conquests

Hitler Conquests

German occupation of France

German Occupation of France

Jews not served here

Anti Jewish Sign

Jewish Ghetto Mark

Jewish Ghetto Currency

Polish Extermination Camps

Polish Extermination Camps

Zyklon B Killing Gas

Zyklon B Gas Label

German Soldier Grave Mark

German Soldier Grave Marker

Hitler Picture

Hitler Picture (Notice the bullet holes)

Europe After World War 2

Europe After World War 2

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall (Notice the rabbits)

It was stated that rabbits used to run free between the walls in Berlin. They became a symbol of freedom and the artist drew the rabbits on the wall to symbolise the freedom they would have. The soldiers noticed this and tried to paint over it. The day after it started to rain and it washed off the soldiers paint leaving the rabbits to be seen. If you look at the date, you can see the streaks of the soldiers paint as the rain washed it away.