I figured it was about time to write about our second day in Normandy.

Dispensing with my tradition of a narrative with pictures, I am going to do very little narrative and mostly pictures. I couldn’t do the visit justice with my narrative!

The map below shows the places we visited on this day.

MapSte. Mère ÉgliseUtah BeachGerman CemeteryAmerican CemeteryOmaha Beach
We started our in Sainte Mère Église. You can read about the story of Sainte Mère Église here.

Next up was Utah Beach. This was the most an important beach to Jamie. After reading the history of her grandpa, we found out he arrived in France via Utah Beach. Thankfully he wasn’t an infantry soldier. You can read the story of Utah Beach here.

Our next visit was the German War Cemetery. One thing that did strike me while we were there, was how simple it was. It is easy to forget about the German soldiers in the war! You can read about the cemetery here.

Nex up was a visit to the American Cemetery. I always like visiting the American cemeteries. They are so well kept and the symmetry is pleasing to my brain! You can read about the cemetery here.

Our final stop on this day was to head down to Omaha Beach. You could see it from the cemetery, but we wanted to go right down to the beach to see it. You can read about the beach here.