So, after we left the hotel we headed into a park and ride on the outskirts of Bath. I think Jamie was really relived to get there. The hills that Sat Nav Lady took us up were quite crazy. Here is one of them, the picture doesn’t do justice to the steep incline that was presented.

After Jamie successfully navigated up and down the hills, we got to the park and ride. Getting from the car to the bus stop was an adventure in itself. It was really muddy where we parked.

We sat on the top deck at the front and we got to see the scenery of Bath on our way into the city.

When we got there, we decided to walk to the Roman Baths. Even the streets we walked along to get to the Roman Baths seemed quite fancy schmancy.

As we got to where the Roman Baths were (thank you Sat Nav Lady), we came upon this sight. Frightened a couple of kids when he moved. Made me chuckle.

We finally got into the place and were a bit taken aback at the cost of it. £23 for both of us. It was really good inside though. It was good to see how preserved it was. We took an audio tour (as we do with anywhere we go), and it was good to have a commentary as we walked around.

I will post a few of my favourite pictures from the Roman Bath below.

After we were done there, we headed outside and decided to take the hop-on-hop-off tour bus. By this point it was starting to rain and Jamie wasn’t feeling too good. We started off sitting at the back.

A couple of minutes after we set off the rain had started so we decided to move further down the bus under what little roof was left. I decided I didn’t like this option, so I sat a few rows back so I was out in the open so I could get some pictures.

I will post a few of my favourites below.

After we got off the bus, we decided to go into Bath Abbey. It was a really nice building. It is an old structure too. It has a lot of stained glass windows. It has 52 of the larger windows to represent every week of the year (or so the tour bus said).

A funny thing happened inside. As we were walking around, we were reading the plaques on the wall and I decided to read one. It had words like ‘hufband’ in it. The F represents the old way of writing an S. Anyway, as I was doing this I fell into a grate to which Jamie promptly responded with laughter. Thankfully not the raucous kind either.

I told a volunteer worker and she said she would get someone from the vestry over to sort it. Where was my sympathy! Tut tut!

Here are some pictures from the Abbey.

After we left the Abbey, we decided that we should just head home. At this point, neither of us were feeling too great. We got to the bus stop and waited what seemed like an eternity for the bus. Couple that with the woman behind asking us and moaning about why one bus had just dropped off people and headed back up the hill.

You can view the rest of our pictures from Bath here

We set the Sat Nav Lady to get us home through some of the villages of the Cotswold’s. I won’t post pictures here, but you can find them on our pictures website here.