So, once we left Stonehenge, we made our way to Avebury. Jamie wanted to visit here as she had read about it in one of her OU courses.

The drive there was nice because it took us through the countryside and through some tiny villages and through some nice rolling hills. As we were driving through, we came across several strange place names (I know, March is pretty strange for a town name). One of the names we came across was Honey Street. Here’s the proof!

As we carried on through the small towns and villages, we were greeted with a bizarre sight on the hill. It is a white horse. It is the Alton Barnes White Horse

After we (me really) had stopped to get a million pictures of the horse, we carried on in the hopes of getting to Avebury before the light faded.

As we got closer to Avebury, we came by the man made mound. It is called Silbury Hill.

About Silbury Hill
The largest man-made mound in Europe, mysterious Silbury Hill compares in height and volume to the roughly contemporary Egyptian pyramids. Probably completed in around 2400 BC, it apparently contains no burial. Though clearly important in itself, its purpose and significance remain unknown.

– English Heritage

We took a wander down to the sign to see what it said about the hill, but it didn’t say very much. Once we had done that, we headed to the stones further into Avebury. Again, this is something Jamie had been learning about in her OU course.

We got to the site of the stones, and it was really muddy. I am surprised we didn’t slip and slide all over the place. I thought the stones were closer so never bothered to wear a jacket (which gets funny real soon). Needless to say, it was further away from the car than we had anticipated. We got to the stones and it was quite good to see. There were more than I thought, and not in the Stonehenge formation as I first thought. Here are a few pics from the site.

So, as we were starting to head back to the car due to it being cold and at the end of the stones, I was a bit freezing and Jamie had kindly offered her coat to which I declined. Remember before when I said it would get funny not having a coat? Well, as we were heading through a field back to the car, a lady said “It’s getting a bit chilly now isn’t it?” to which I promptly replied “Yes”. It was then that I realised that she was talking to her friend that was hiding behind a rock that I couldn’t see. Jamie saw her, and was quite amused with the whole thing. Needless to say, I rushed on thankful that we will never cross paths again. I am now the crazy person who talks to anyone!

Once we left Avebury, we headed to the hotel. We just couldn’t believe how nice the area was. It reminded us of where we stayed in Luxembourg. The area that is, not the hotel itself.

View more pictures from Avebury here.