So, I asked Jamie what she wanted for her birthday. Her first response was to go back home to Utah to visit friends and family. She realised that she wasn’t able to get the time off work so that plan went out the window.

She then decided that she has always wanted to go to Bath to visit. We decided that we would do that for her birthday. It turned out to be a really good trip.

We set off on the Tuesday morning (I get Tuesday and Wednesday off school), and headed towards Stonehenge. As we were travelling further away from the Fens, the scenery got remarkably nicer and more hilly. It was a nice sight for sore eyes to behold. We can’t believe we settled in the Fens when there is all this nice countryside elsewhere in the country.

We got to Stonehenge and then parked in the not-so-lovely car park. As we are English Heritage members, we got to beat the queues and were ushered straight in. The cost of the membership was worth it just for that. I could get used to it!

We spent an hour or so battling touristy types (like ourselves) and the wind.

Here are some pictures from it:

Jamie at Stonehenge

Jamie & I at Stonehenge



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The next post will be our trip from Stonehenge and our day out in Bath