So, today has been my 3rd appointment with the psychologist.

I really didn’t feel like going as i’ve had a pretty crappy week. I am glad that I went though. It went by really fast.

We talked briefly about my anxiety and depression. We then went on to talk about how I feel and think about myself.

I will attach some scanned docs from the things we did today.

One topic that we covered more than anything is how I think about myself. We talked about the maintenance cycle. This is a cycle that maintains my belief about myself. This belief is something that I interpret to be factual.

We then went on to talk about what makes a person worthless (as I see myself) and worthwhile. She had me describe what makes someone worthless or worthwhile. I surprised myself at this point because I was no longer 100% on the worthless scale. It dropped down to about 40% from my descriptions.

We also talked about Theory A – what I see as fact about myself and then Theory B – what really is true.

Theory A & Theory B
Maintenance Cycle
Worthless/Worthwhile Person Profile