This next exercise took a little longer for me to do than the others. It required quite a bit of thinking on my part. Thinking aint my strong point!

This exercise required me to look at the habits that I developed while growing up. It is in 2 parts.

Part 1 is about how I was treated as a child. I had to look at a list of things including: emotions, discipline, was I loved and cared for and how I reacted with others.

How people expressed emotions in your family

  • They never displayed them
  • They showed emotions in violent or dramatic ways

How authorities disciplined you

  • They punished you incosistently
  • They punished you whether you were behaving well or badly

How you knew you were loved and cared for

  • You did not know you were loved; nobody showed love or affection

How you reacted to other people

  • You were shy and reserved and rarely approached others
  • You interacted with people you trusted but were shy around strangers