When I was looking for places to go, Toulouse was on that list because of Airbus and that they produce aircraft there. I was under the impression that Toulouse Airport and Toulouse City would be huge because of this.

I had wanted to return to France (especially since I had to ditch going to Bordeaux) so Toulouse seemed the place to go.

Before this trip, I wasn’t feeling too good. I cancelled a couple because of my poor mental health. It took everything in me to actually leave the house and not ignore my alarm (it was for 02:00 because of a 03:05 coach). I decided to get out of bed, shower, get ready and head to the bus station.

I got to the airport a couple of hours before the flight. I realised as I was almost at the coach that I had forgotten my tote bag with my food in it. Grrr. I had to spend money at the airport and get some food there.

I got my bits and pieces and waited for the gate to be shown.

We were bussed to the plane as it was on a remote stand. Haven’t done that at Stansted for a while.

I got on the flight and I had an aisle seat. I like window seats but the aisle is preferable as it’s easier to get to the loo and easier to get up and get my stuff from the overhead locker.

The flight was a little turbulent but I was too tired to care. We landed in Toulouse and I was so ready just to get to the hostel and get my head down.

As I was in the queue for passport control I saw an Airbus Beluga (seriously, Google a pic of it. Those things are HUGE) take off. It was cool to see. I had always wanted to see one take off. It’s a shame I couldn’t record it. I did see a couple in the background so I managed to get a pic of those.

I got the tram to the hostel and they told me I couldn’t get to the room just yet. There was still 5 hours before I could get to the room. I asked to leave my luggage and some suggestions so I could go and wander until it was time to go to the room.

  • I left the hostel and got the bus to the Jeanne d’Arc area so I could walk around. As I started to head to the centre it started to rain. I saw a Primark so went in to get an umbrella. I was in the queue for about 15 minutes and by the time I got out of the store the rain had stopped – typical!.

    I carried on walking to see if I could find a shop for some souvenirs. I found a couple and had a look in to see what was on offer. I didn’t think buying souvenirs would be quite the chore it was here.

    I left the shops and saw a church so headed in that direction. The church was called Saint-Sernin. I went in and it was a pretty cool church to see. The tower was cool too. You couldn’t go up it though.

    The churches in this city are all free to enter which is good as they usually have some cool architecture.

    I left there and then went back to the souvenir store and found the magnet I wanted and then headed in the direction of the hostel as it was close enough that I could get to the room. I got there and just settled in for an hour or so before I headed back out.

    I then went back to the river and had a look around that area. I went to the lock area there. The river here is called the Garonne and the little tributary was called the Garonnette. The little tributary had dried up after they closed it when the mills and factories were closed. The viewpoint was really good. There were warning signs about flooding so I am glad it wasn’t raining. I then jumped back on the tram to the end of the line. It provided a pretty good spot for plane spotting. I stayed here for a couple of hours and then headed back to the hostel for the night. I was super tired and I needed to get some decent sleep.

    I booked a walking tour for tomorrow before I drifted off to sleep.

    Total steps: 16,343

    Total miles: 7.44

    Below are some pics from today

I got through security and to the gate and just sat and dozed until it was time to board. I got on the flight pretty quick and no longer had I sat down then I started to fall asleep. I don’t remember much of the flight as I was that tired.

I think I was awake for all of about 10 minutes of the flight.

I got across the border pretty quick and then got some grub and then went to wait for the train.

All in all, the trip here was good and very much needed to try and help me get out of the funk I was in. I think it helped.

Total steps: 49,160

Total miles: 22.43

You can view all of my Toulouse pics here