Singapore wasn’t really somewhere that was on my list to travel to. The next time I wanted to go to Asia was to go to Japan. Ken and I have this on our bucket list so I started to look in earnest for a ticket to Japan. I couldn’t find any that were reasonably priced that included a checked bag. I was fine with just a carry-on, but Ken likes to have a checked bag too. I am used to travelling with just a carry-on bag so it wasn’t really an issue for me to do this for two weeks.

When I was checking flights, an extra bag added an average of £150 to the cost of the ticket and I felt it was just too out of both our price ranges. I gave up on looking because the prices just weren’t getting any cheaper and I couldn’t find anything with a checked bag.

I started to look elsewhere in South Asia and I found some flights with Singapore Airlines that were reasonably priced. I messaged Ken and asked what he thought about going to Singapore instead of Japan this year. He wasn’t overly keen. I still looked for myself. I found some that used an A380 and that was the one that I chose. I have always wanted to fly on an A380 and this was my chance.

I remember sitting in the kitchen with one of my housemates telling him about it and I asked him to press the buy button for me but it didn’t want to work. He tried a couple more times and still the same. I tried and it went through. I couldn’t believe I was going to be flying on an A380 finally.

A few days after this I was having a coffee with Ken and I started the conversation with “I did a thing” – I always do this when I tell him about places I’ve booked to travel.

I told him I had booked it and he asked what the prices were and I told him and he booked it. I was shocked that he did. He usually doesn’t do financial spontaneity. We had about 14 weeks before we were due to travel and it couldn’t come quick enough. I was buzzing to get back to that part of the world. I love it there. Wait I had to though.

The time came to head to the airport and we decided beforehand that we would just get the train. It was the first train of the day – 04:19. I got to the station at about 4 and it was quite busy for that time in the morning. I was starting to stress a little as Ken still hadn’t turned up. As our luck goes, we could have spent another hour or so sleeping. The train was delayed by nearly 2 hours before being cancelled. We finally got on the train around 06:15 (way too late for us as we now didn’t have time for breakfast from the embassy. Damn the trains!).

We got to London and stopped off at Starbucks so he could get a brew and we headed down to the tube to the airport. I was also stressing that it was going to be busy – and it was. It was practically standing room only until we got a few stops from the airport. Not to worry though, I was going to have THIRTEEN FLIPPING HOURS to sit on my derrière on the flight so it was probably better that I stand on the tube.

We got to the airport and checked our bags in and went through security. Ken wandered off to duty-free and I just wandered around waiting for him and I reminded him that we didn’t have a lot of time before we had to be at the gate. We got to the gate with a little time to spare before boarding started. We were some of the first on because of how far back we were on the plane.

We were about an hour late leaving (story of the trip so far). We managed to get a row with the middle seat free. There was a really annoying guy sitting in the seat in front of me. He was constantly drinking wine and one time he spilt it on the woman sitting next to him. Serves the stupid alcoholic right. He had turned round to me and told me to stop pushing his chair and I angrily asked him how I was supposed to use the screen and called him an idiot.

The food on the plane was nasty. I asked for a bland meal and it was bland – it was like rice pudding porridge puke. I refused it and just had some bread rolls instead. They came around handing out ice cream and told me I couldn’t have any since I asked for a bland meal.

We finally touched down at Changi airport and I was never more relieved to get off a plane than I was here. We went through immigration and we didn’t even get a stamp. The cheek of it. My new passport was still a border virgin. We went to get our bags and Kens was damaged. Not a good start, but in keeping with the luck we had so far.

We went out of the airport and went to find a SIM card. The one place we found said they didn’t take cards and only cash so we had to use the ATM to get some money. We did this and went to a shop to get a drink. I was so thirsty. We saw they also did SIM cards so we bought one there that would cover us for Singapore and Malaysia. We put the SIMs in and it only gave us 3G – but it didn’t even work. Back to the shop we went to get them to sort it out. She told us we could go to a shop downtown and I told her she needed to sort it as I didn’t want the hassle. I was frustrated at this point. We got a different SIM and this one finally worked.

We went upstairs to get a Starbucks and I was super tired and frustrated with everything. I needed some sleep but knew it would be a while before we could do that as it was barely 09:00 and we couldn’t check in to the hotel until 14:00. I found a shop to get some food and another drink. They have A&W here. They market it as Sarsaparilla but it tasted suspiciously like Root Beer. We finally were ready to go back downstairs and get a Grab (think Uber) to the hotel. We got there and she said we couldn’t check in but we could leave our bags for a few hours until it was time to check-in. We did exactly that and the holiday started then.

  • Once we had dropped off our stuff at the hotel and given our details and collected the luggage tag, we headed across the road to the Zhongshan Mall and went to McDonald’s and Starbucks. We were both thirsty and I was hungry. We sat there for an hour or so in the nice cold air (it was super hot today) and then headed out to see what was nearby. We saw a temple and had a walk around and found where the entrance was and went in and had a look around. We had to remove our shoes out of respect so we could go in. It was a really impressive temple.

    After we were done here it was close to checking in time so we had a look around the supermarket in the mall before heading back to the hotel to check in and get some much-needed rest. I think we both slept for a couple of hours and it was dark by the time we got up. We were both hungry so we went for a walk to find some food. I would have been happy with some junk food but I knew I had to have something of substance. I knew I didn’t want pizza as I didn’t want to have an upset stomach.

    We went walking and then found a local place to eat that was good and inexpensive. I had some rice with an egg and some pork. It was actually quite delicious. I felt sufficiently full after it. It was nicely priced too. It was only S$8.50 for all of it.

    We then headed back to the hotel to get some much-needed rest before heading out to the waterfront tomorrow.

    Total steps: 8,082

    Total miles: 3.95

    Below are some pics from today

Today was an extremely early start. Ken was up at 04:30 (don’t even ask) and I was up at 05:00. We made sure we had everything and we went and checked out and booked a Grab to go to the airport. The driver turned up and noted we had a lot of luggage. It was an early morning fare to the airport, what on earth was he expecting. He wasn’t a good driver but we made it to the airport. We went and dropped off our bags and went to the departure lounge. ken did his usual duty-free browsing but didn’t get anything. It was way more expensive than here at home.

We went and got some food and drinks and we drank the water before going to the gate for our flight because the guy told us there were no facilities on that side. It turns out he was lying and there were taps and a pop-up shop.

I got some drinks for the plane and then we waited to board. We got on and settled in for a long flight home. The captain said it would be about 13.5 hours. Yuck. We didn’t have the row to ourselves sadly. I had to get up and powder my nose (numerous of that trip) and when I came back I told the woman in the aisle seat that there was a seat free at the back and she went and sat there and we had a row to ourselves.

The food this time round was so much better as I said I didn’t want a bland meal anymore. The flight was almost 14 hours. I was so happy to be off the plane. As we were landing, some person could be heard being sick. The landing was bumpy so I am not surprised.

After we landed, Ken got out his winter clothes as it was far too cold for him. I was loving being back in this weather.

The rest of the journey was uneventful. We managed to get the train home an hour earlier. I was glad to be back home. The plan was to shower and then sleep. The reality was unpacking everything, showering, eating and then chilling.

All in all, this was an amazing trip and I would definitely go to this side of the world again.

Total steps: 95,340

Total miles: 46.85

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