The trip to Berlin this year came about because I was telling Duncan that he should travel more in Europe and that he should visit Berlin.

He told me one night that he had booked some tickets and because he had I needed to book some too. I was convinced right away. It doesn’t take a lot to convince me to book flights. I looked for the flights and found some that were my price and booked them.

I booked the hostel I stayed at in 2021 because I knew where it was and it was the cheapest.

The time came to head to the airport and the trains on the day were a bit rubbish. The trains I had booked to go to get there at the time I wanted would have had me go to Cambridge and then to Bishop’s Stortford and then back up to Stansted Airport. I didn’t want to do that so I did Peterborough to Ely to Stansted Airport. It got me to the airport three hours before my departure time but that was fine as it would give me a chance to sit and watch the Apple launch event.

I got to the airport and headed to a view overlooking the runway and parked myself and started to watch the planes and then the launch event.

As I was watching the event, I could see the time for the departure was getting further and further away. It had a two-hour delay at one point.

They told us because of this they had found us another plane and we had to go from the gate we were at to another gate (which took about 15 minutes to walk).

We left only 30 minutes late because of this. That was fine by me. We got to Berlin and the queue for immigration was about 30 minutes.

I finally got out of the airport and on a train and to the hostel a little after midnight. I was so tired. I went straight to bed as I had to collect TC from the airport in the morning.

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Berlin Sights

Potsdam Sights

  • I went to the airport to collect TC and then we headed back to Alexanderplatz and had a bit of a walk around and then got some good old 5G food. It was a good time to get food as the rain was really heavy.

    After we had food, TC went to get some kip and I decided to hop on the S Bahn to Hauptbahnhof and have a look around the station. Train and people-watching are my thing. I found a souvenir shop and told Ken they had lanyards and I sent him a picture and waited for him to tell me which he wanted. I still hadn’t heard from him by the time I was back at Alexanderplatz station. I sat here for a little bit and he told me which he wanted so I jumped back on the train and went back.

    I showed him the one he thought he wanted and he was like ‘Nope’ so I showed him another and that was the one he wanted. By the time I had gotten this, I had a message from TC and I headed back to the hostel via the tram and I met him and we went out walking in the tiny little bit of rain that was left.

    We walked around parts of the city that I hadn’t before and that was pretty cool. We headed towards Museum Island and strolled our merry way along the river. We got to Friedrichsbrücke and he informed me that QEII had died. It was sad someone lost a mother but we weren’t at all bothered about the monarchy. I was glad I was away when it happened as it would have been unbearable to be home.

    The rain kind of put pay to what we could do today. Nevertheless, we walked around quite a bit and saw some bits of the city.

    When I got back to the hostel, some people in the room asked what I thought about the queen dying and I told them I was indifferent.

    Total steps: 21,222

    Total miles: 10.47

    Below are some pictures from today

Today was a super early start. I was up at 03:00 local time so I could shower and head to the airport. My flight was at 06:30 so had to be there around 04:30.

I got to Alexanderplatz station and the first train of the day was already 8 minutes late. I ended up being about 20 minutes later to the airport than scheduled. That was ok though as I still had plenty of time.

I got through security without any issue or hold-ups.

The flight boarded pretty quick and we left only 3 minutes late. The flight was fine and I think I managed about 30 minutes of sleep too. We landed and I got from the plane and across the border in about 8-10 minutes. I think that is my record.

I was due to get the train at 10:27 and I was due to sit at the station from 07:30 until then. I asked several of the workers on the platform about the time off-peak started and they all said the 08:21 train was one I could travel on. I didn’t really believe them so I asked the guard on the train.

His exact words were “This is not an off-peak train but it is your lucky day mate and I am your god. Get yourself on the train”. I was so happy to hear this as I was super tired and just wanted to get home. I got home around 10 instead of around 12. How happy I was.

I am already thinking about when I can go back to Berlin. It is an awesome city and one that you must visit at some point!

Total steps: 83,050

Total miles: 40.69

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