I’ll start this post off by saying that I had thought I had already done it. I had a look through and saw that it didn’t exist so I am making up for this now and thank goodness I have pictures that will help me remember what we did 4.5 years ago. I can’t believe it has been that long either. Time has gone by really quick!

We both decided that we needed a break from work and from Peterborough and decided that we would go to Berlin. Ken was kind enough to leave the planning to me. I did keep him involved in it though since it was a trip for both of us. I figured since we were going to Berlin, we were close to the Polish border and not too far away from the Czech border.

I had a chat with Ken and we decided that on this trip since we had hired a car we would go to Szczecin, Poland and Prague, Czech Republic.

The time came for us to head to the airport and head on our EU adventure. From what I can remember it was pretty uneventful until we got to Berlin. In 2017 I was so unfit it’s unreal. The walk from the terminal exit to the car rental in Schönefeld (now Berlin Brandenburg) was probably a couple of hundred metres but man was I knackered!

We got to the car rental place and that is when the issues started. Ryanair hadn’t sorted out the voucher properly and I tried to call them to sort it with no luck. The car rental lady said (as Ken told me afterwards) to Ken that we should probably go a size up because I was curvaceous (I know, generally used to describe a woman’s figure but I think it’s funny)! Cheeky!!! She wasn’t wrong though.

I think all that took a little over an hour and then we were on our way to the Airbnb. I programmed the sat nav and let Ken be my chauffeur to the flat. On the way, we stopped for a McDonald’s. Ken was hungry and I hadn’t eaten for probably 17.5 minutes so needed that extra boost to get me back to the car. After we had eaten, I dared Ken to go down the slide in the kids’ play area and he absolutely did. It was really funny as he wasn’t sliding down gracefully and had to help himself down very ungainly. It’s something that will make me laugh for the rest of my natural. Luckily I got it on video to watch.

We got to the flat and it seemed we weren’t given a place to park despite being told we had. We found somewhere and headed to the flat. Ken does a really great Lion King impression. The apartment block itself was impressive. The flat itself was also impressive despite it just being a 1 bed flat. I kipped on the couch in the sitting room. The bathroom was awesome and the shower was something else. It was right on the banks of the Spree next to Oberbaumbrücke and the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall. We were wondering what to do about parking and we found someone but he didn’t speak English. Thank goodness for Google Translate. We found out we were parking in the right area and then once we had settled we went for a wander and found a great place to eat that had awesome Schnitzel. Before we had the schnitzel, we took a tram and then the U-Bahn to Alexanderplatz and we found that there was a concert going on. We also found this amazing ice cream place that did the best ice cream I have had in a long time. If you ask Ken you may see him drool over it. It would be worth going back to Berlin just for that! Sadly I didn’t get any when I went back. I don’t even know why either!!!

We headed back as we had to be up early to drive to Prague (Ken also likes his morning constitution to take a while so I had that to contend with too!).

Once we were on our way to the airport, the migraine that was manifesting for Ken was in full swing and I knew the flight wouldn’t be fun for him.

We dropped the car off and then went straight inside the airport to sit at the gate and wait for the time to board. As we were boarding, the flight attendants had a look of disdain on them and I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if they had opened the door mid-flight the looked that hacked off.

Let it be known that the fat Chris back then gave up his air vent for his friend that had a migraine. I cooked like a turkey on the flight but that’s OK. Ken had to do the driving so he needed to be as comfortable as possible.

The flight was OK until we got close to Stansted and the final approach was quite turbulent and the plane was rocking from side to side. I could see it wasn’t doing Ken’s migraine any good. We landed and we thought we were going to go through the runway it was that hard.

We got through the border and Ken said that he needed quiet in the car on the way home because of the migraine.

He dropped me off and then headed home.

This was an awesome trip full of laughs and some great memories were made. I really enjoyed the trip and enjoyed showing Ken Poland and Prague.

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