So, the past week and a bit has been up and down – thankfully mostly up.

Last Monday (28 Jun), I had to go to a tribunal for my claim for DLA. I was so anxious the whole time I was there. I went in and was asked all sorts of questions about my condition. I felt like I was on trial for some heinous crime. I was in there for about 40 mins. I answered all of their questions and then I was asked to leave while they considered my case. I had a feeling that the whole process was a waste of time and that I was gonna be shunned by them too.

It wasn’t so. I won my appeal and have been awarded lower rate care component of DLA. That made me happy. I was almost not gonna go through with it. I mostly did go through with it to prove that my psychiatrist at the time never listened to anything that I said. A small victory for me.

I surprised myself this week also as I was able to go out and venture further than town. I took a bus to Ely Tesco (for a change of scenery) and then the train back. I also went to Wisbech to do a few things too.

I have done chores around the house – which is not usually something done willingly.

I met with my GP today and she was impressed with the steps that I had taken in doing a change of scenery. I also got her to sign a form so that I can apply for a concessionary bus pass. I found out that my condition prevents me from being entitled to a driving license. I will apply for that tomorrow after my meeting with my psychologist.

Sunday was the one day that wasn’t very good for me. I was really depressed the whole day and I couldn’t – still can’t – put my finger on it. It was just one of those days I guess – which is a major improvement on the norm for me.

I will write again tomorrow after meeting with my psychologist.