So, this last weekend (18 – 19 Apr 09) has been quite the weekend.


We wake up at 05:45am – I say we, I mean me. Got in the taxi at 07:00, arrived at the station at 07:10 ready for the 07:29 train. £55 for the tickets I hasten to add. Turns out that the train was running about 10 mins late. Should have realised what the day was gonna be like then.

We finally got to Derby and promptly headed for some breakfast because both of us were hungry – hungry enough to pay out the butt for breakfast. That was a nice and costly £14.

After breakfast, we headed out for a taxi to go to the church where the wedding was. We were foolishly thinking that it was gonna fairly cheap as it was only a couple miles away. How dumb we were – there was a £2 hire charge first of all. We jumped in and told the driver where to take us. We got ever worried as the meter approached the amount of money we had. When we got to £6.30 we had to tell the driver to pull over. We found a shop and got directions from the shop keeper to the chapel. Turned out to be a 10 min walk up hill to the church.

As we were approaching the church, the limo with the bride in pulled up to the door. We thought we were late for the wedding. Turns out she broke with tradition and was early. Luckily the kept her out there for a few more mins. We were lucky. The ceremony was a good ceremony. We sat around for what seemed like hours while the photos were taken (The part I hate the most about weddings – didn’t like having to sit around for photos at my own)

The food was quite nice. They had a carvery kinda thing going on. The most entertaining part of the reception was the camel that was sitting on the table next to us. She was chewing with her gob wide open. I looked over one time and found some food stuck on her lip and she was chewing away. Forgot we were at a wedding!

We left at about 15:30 and headed to M&S to spend a voucher we had from Christmas 2007. It was the worst decision ever – we were both tired and hot and bothered. We decided to head for the station and go home. We had to wait 40 mins in Derby for the train. We had to change at Leicester and had a 40 min wait there for our train home.

On our way home, I was messing about with the camera and i’m going to include a picture I took when we stopped at Melton Mowbray station. The woman in the pic just happened to walk by as I captured the shot. That is our photo of the week.

By the time we got home we were ready to sleep. We didn’t watch too much TV and when we got into bed we both rolled over and were asleep in no time at all.


Our day today has got to have been the most boring day we have ever had. We skipped church today coz we both needed our sleep from our tiresome day yesterday.

We have done nothing all day. We ended up playing Nintendo DS. We played Super Mario Brothers. I have to say that it is funny to watch Jamie as she is playing it and to hear her when she loses a life. It is very funny. Best part of it all – she gets all excited when she gets a 7-up. (To you and me, that is an extra life) That was the extent of our day. BTW – she just screamed loud coz she lost a life

Here is the pic I mentioned earlier, imposter included:

Melton Mowbray with the imposter
Melton Mowbray with the imposter