So, I though about writing this a couple days ago when it actually happened. Laziness and work got the better of me and this is why I am writing now.

On Wednesday gone (22/04), I was sitting here at my PC just browsing away when in the other room I heard this almighty woop. Turns out, it was Jamie laughing because she had just beaten her high score on Meltdown on Facebook. Not only did she beat her score, she was top scorer of the week for that day.

I am going to attach the picture that I took with her name as the top scorer. Like I need any more reminders of it though. Jamie quite enjoyed telling me about it and has reminded me a few times since that she has the high score between us and was on the leaderboard.

Jamies Meltdown Score

You may not be able to see it properly, if you click on it you will be able to. Notice my pathetic weekly score and also she is beating me overall.

As I write this, Jamie is still 16th on the list of top scores for this week. Better get my clicking finger excercised to do some damage to the scoreboard