So, I am officially declaring April 9th as my horrible day.

We took the car in for an MOT and of course, as it is us and we have no luck, it failed. Here are the reasons it failed:

001 Rear (unable to locate rear seat belts) Statutory seat belt missing

002 Nearside front Headlamp aim too low

003 Nearside front Headlamp insecure

004 Nearside inner front Brake disc(s) excessively pitted

005 Offside inner front Brake disc(s) excessively pitted

006 Offside rear Stop lamp not working

007 Offside outer front lower Suspension arm has excessive play in a ball joint **DANGEROUS**

So, this is all jargon to me. I understand the headlamp and seat belt one. Apparently they can’t lift the seat to see if the belt is there. Talk about lazy. LOL.

**EDIT** £27.50 to find all this out. I then asked the cost to get it repaired: £150. I about fell of my chair!

So, my question is: why is it ok to have dodgy brakes? Surely the brakes should be marked as dangerous too. Note to self: who cares if your brakes are knackered!

Also today, we went to Peterborough District Hospital so Jamie could have an endoscopy to see if she has coeliac disease. In a fashion never before experienced with the NHS, Jamie was done quicker than usual! Gasps go here!

Now we are home and Jamie is sleeping off her pain and sedation. I am busy watching The Apprentice.

I will get back to you when I am done, well maybe