Well, I figured I should write here again.

The past few days have been ok.

I have been getting stuff ready for the wedding. On Saturday I went to get my hair cut in Pleasant Grove and the went to get fitted for my suit for the wedding. I am wearing a black morning suit with a pink waistcoat.

As we were driving up there, I almost had a couple of heart attacks.

The people that I am staying with are fairly old and the guy was driving me and my best man up there. While we were on the freeway, he was driving faster than he should and not watching where he was going and we almost hit another car. Then, on the same stretch of road we almost sped past a cop. It was a white knuckle ride for sure.

I decided the front seat wasn’t the best place for me as it wasn’t doing my nerves any good. I felt more at ease in the backseat.

For lunch, we went to Chuck-A-Rama. It was a buffet lunch and it was really good. I couldn’t eat there all the time though.

After lunch, we headed back home and me and John just chilled for the rest of the day watching movies. It was a fun time.