So, my day was OK today. Didn’t really do much in the morning. Went to Old Navy so I could exchange some jeans I bought as they weren’t the right style.

I came back from Old Navy and watched a couple of DVD’s: Wimbledon (Highly Recommended) and The Best 2 Years (A Mormon Film) – this one is funny too.

In the afternoon I took a bit of a nap.

In the evening, one of my missionary companions came over to see me. We went up to his house so we could pick up his wife and go to dinner. On the way to his house, we drove through the mountain. Scared me being so high up. People had houses on the tops of the mountain. I mean, why the heck would you do that. Why would you put yourself so high up? Some people are just born crazy. I’m one of them for sure, but not enough to build a house on top of the mountain.

We went to dinner at Chili’s. I had a sirloin steak and grilled salmon. Boy did that fill me up. I didn’t want to get out of the seat. I felt like I could just go to sleep right there and then. The customer service in America is 2nd to none.

After that, we dropped Bergstrom’s wife off at home and we went to Salt Lake Airport to surprise my wife to be (In just 9 days, 9 days you say. How do you think I feel. It’s crept up on me that’s for sure!). She was surprised when she saw me. She decided to go straight home as she was tired and I didn’t want to make her cranky.

Me and Bergstrom came back down to Highland to use the hot tub of the people we were staying with. Man, I did not want to get out and neither did he. I feel bad for him though as he has to drive all the way back to Salt Lake and I can just go to my room and sleep (Which, BTW, I didn’t – and I never went back into the hot tub.).

Well, he’s now on his way home and I am on here and decided to write about my day.