Well people, here I am – finally.

Had an early start on Monday morning. Was out of bed at 02:00, then on my way to the tube station by 03:30.

Got to the tube station with minutes to spare before my train came. there are way too many people out at 05:30.

Had to change trains at Holborn. Not a nice thing to do – all stairs, no escalators.

Got to the platform and on my train. I fell asleep right after we left and woke up in the Hounslow area. I got to the airport and hung around for 2 hours then boarded.

We were LAX bound.

I slept for about 5 of the 11 hours of the flight.

We arrived in LAX on time but were kept sitting on the tarmac for 45 minutes as our gate was occupied.

We were taken to a remote stand and bussed to the terminal. We got into the terminal at 14:10.

The queue for immigration was half an hour. It was worrying me as I had a connection at 15:10. I spoke to someone and they put me to the front of the queue.

I got through immigration and customs OK. I had to run to terminal 5.

I got there and was told check in had closed. After 5 minutes I was checked in.

Got to security who stopped me to check my baggage. I had to run to the gate. I finally got there with 5 minutes before departure.

Now i’m finally in Utah and have spent my first night here. I feel much better after having slept.

Have to keep my strength up as I need it for IHOP.