So, last night – Tuesday May 02 – was my Stag Do.

It was really great. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There were 9 of us and we had the use of the hot tub and played some playstation.

I just sat around and watched and ate some good food along with the rest of the guys.

It was good to be able to sit there and just chill and have some all round good fun.

I just want to thank all those that came and tell them all what a super fab time I had and what a send off into married life it was.

  • John Baran
  • Clint Bergstrom
  • Javier Camaño
  • Cody Fonnesbeck
  • Ezra Frenzel
  • Spencer Neese
  • Dad John Flattley
  • Steven

Big thanks again to you guys.