So… did you follow on from the last post where I said my travel life was a bit crazy?

Let me tell you how crazy.

I landed at 07:57 today and got the train at 09:27 and got to Peterborough at 10:49. I was back at mine around 11:30 and unpacked and repacked for this trip and then had a shower. After about 90 minutes I went and spent the day with Ken and Jamie before heading back to the train station for the 21:16 train to the airport.

Yep, I had about 9 hours back home before going back to the airport. I got back around 22:45 and then had to hang around until my flight at 06:45. I spent from midnight until about 02:45 sitting in the train station waiting room (which was thankfully warm). It also helped that I listened to Ken and went back and got my jacket. It was a threefold good choice. Warmth in the waiting room. Pillow on the plane and in the departure lounge. Warmth in Tallinn.

I went through security around 03:00 and then slept some more in the departure lounge and then slept some more at the gate. It came time to board and I got a row to myself and went to sleep on the plane.

Once I got to Tallinn, the fun started. The border guard checked my passport and saw that my exit stamp from Madrid was stamped 22/06/22. Yep, apparently I was still in Spain. My passport was checked thoroughly to ensure no other dates were out of sync and I had to explain my visits to various countries so it all tallied properly. I was happy to do it as it meant I didn’t have to be out in the rain.

I finally got across the border and got the tram to the city centre and walked to the hostel in the hopes I could check in early. I was a couple of hours early for check in. Thankfully they let me check in after about 30 minutes and I went and chilled for an hour or so.

Jamie and I went to Tallinn as part of our 2014 cruise, but we only had about 7-8 hours here. You can read about that here



  • Once I had rested I decided to go out and get some food and souvenirs (do you see a pattern dear reader?). Thankfully I had my jacket and my piece of crap umbrella (£4 from SportsDirect – not worth it) as it was raining.

    I got my souvenirs and decided to do some walking around the Old Town. I went and had some embassy food and then walked wherever my legs took me. I had no plan of where to go and I just wanted to see where I would end up.

    I ended up by Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral and then to a viewing platform. As I was in the church, I was taking pictures and I was told it wasn’t allowed as it said on the sign. I told the guy I was using Google Translate and he was fine with that.

    Once I was done here I went to the viewing platform but I didn’t spend much longer out as my hands were cold and I thought they might drop off at any moment.

    By this time it was dark and nearing bed time so I went to the supermarket and got a drink and some food and then went back to go to sleep. Tomorrow was walking tour day and a day I could have a bit of a lie in.

    Total steps: 13,726

    Total miles: 6.5

    Below are some pics from today


Check out was fairly easy enough and I didn’t have to interact with anyone.

I went to the supermarket to get some food for the flight and some breakfast and then got the tram to the airport.

Once at the airport the stresses started. One board said the flight was delayed. Another said the flight was cancelled. The app said the flight was pending. I was super stressed to say the least.

Thankfully the board updated with the gate number. Phew. I was also gonna be pissed off as I may have missed out flying on the Boeing 737 Max 8 (the one that was grounded for almost 2 years) and I really wanted to fly on one.

The flight was uneventful. The captain said we had a 70mph head wind but it wouldn’t be bumpy – it was a bit. I could see people look nervous at every bump given the history of the aircraft. On landing at Stansted, it felt like we were coming in way too fast.

The fun was just starting as the border gates were broken so everyone had to go through the border manually. I missed my train and the airport didn’t really care. I queued up for nearly 2 hours and then finally got on the train. I had to change at Ely and I saw one of the trains I had missed. Turns out there was a failed freight train that was causing delays. I was worried because Duncan & I had a carvery booked and I was worried we would miss our slot. Thankfully not. Carvery was delicious and needed.

I realised once I had got home I had 2 weeks worth of laundry to do. Yuck.

Anyway, this was a good trip too and I am glad I went.

You can view all of my pics from this trip here

Total steps: 41,549

Total miles: 19