As with Berlin, I wanted to go back to Dublin and the last time I went was for my birthday in 2015 when Jamie and I were still together (or putting on a happy face to avoid questions :p).

Whilst those memories were good, I wanted to make some solo ones too.

You can read about that last trip here.

I decided since Ireland didn’t require any quarantine or testing and we didn’t require any of that coming home (we are part of the Common Travel Area) I thought it was a no brainer and I have wanted to go back to Dublin since 2015.

I booked my flights but this time I didn’t book a seat or priority. I got the fare for about £20 return. The return ticket to the airport on the train was more expensive – for the cheap seats in the back: THIS IS WHY I DON’T DO DOMESTIC TRAVEL.

The only thing that bugged me was that I couldn’t check in until 24 hours before the flight left and my OCD (super organised) self didn’t like that because I couldn’t see the pretty Ryanair blue in my Apple wallet and couldn’t put it in my calendar. Ask my friends and they’ll tell you how OCD (super organised) I am and how much it probably bugs them. Haha.

I didn’t plan leaving for this trip very well because I finished work at 05:30 and the train was at 10:15. I managed about 3 hours sleep. You know what though: I wouldn’t do it any other way and I suspect my friends wouldn’t expect anything else from me either.

The journey to the airport and the flight was pretty uneventful. I didn’t get a window seat on the way there (the downside of not buying a seat) but that was ok. It wasn’t enough time to have a sleep either.

I got to Dublin and out of the airport in not a lot of time at all and headed for the bus. Slightly raining but I didn’t care. I wasn’t in PTown. One thing I like about Dublin is that you can get a city bus from the airport to the city centre and it only costs €3.30 each way.


Minus the blip on day three, the rest of the trip was really good. I thoroughly recommend the Cliffs of Moher if you do get a chance to go to Ireland.

I got to Stansted and we had to get a bus to the terminal – turns out it was because we didn’t need to go through immigration because we came back from the Common Travel Area. Now that I think about it, that would be why we didn’t have to do that at East Midlands. Only taken 6.5 years for that to make sense!!!

I sat at the station awaiting the train home and then at the bus station for about 30 minutes.

I was so glad to be home and in my safe space.

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Total steps: 43,965

Total miles: 21.2