In December 2017 I had booked to go to Kiev as Ukraine was somewhere I had never been to before.

Everything was booked and then a few weeks before I was due to leave I got an email from Ryanair to say that they were no longer flying to Kiev and they had to cancel my flights. I was gutted as I really wanted to go.

The opportunity hadn’t really presented itself to go to Kiev since then. Whilst I have been to Lviv, I still wanted to go to Kiev.

I came across a good deal on the flights so I booked it and got my hostel booked too.

I had about a 6 month wait before I was due to go. I started to look at things to do in Kiev and one of the things I decided that was a must was a visit to Chernobyl.

I have wanted to go for quite a while and the series hadn’t even started when I had booked Kiev.

In this post I will talk about that visit and a couple of other days in Kiev. I was out for 7 days so there is a lot to talk about and a couple of the days I didn’t really do anything so it’s not worth mentioning those.


You can view all of my pictures from Kiev here

I got up late on the last day as I had already packed and I had about 8 hours before the flight was due to leave so I needed to chill before heading out.

I then went to get some food and drink and sat in the square for about half an hour people watching before heading to the metro.

I sat in the station for about an hour just people watching (and to kill time) before heading to the main railway station. I went and got some food and then went and sat in the station train watching before it was time to head to the airport.

The flight home was uneventful and there was a middle seat free and it was great.

I had to go to London to get the train back to Peterborough. I finally got home around 00:30.

I was so ready for my own bed.