Portugal was one of the original European countries that I was yet to go to and Jamie and I said we would always go. Lisbon was always the city of choice.

For one reason or another we never got the chance to go.

I was going to go in 2018 but I didn’t end up going. I’m not sure of the reason. I booked these about 6 months ago on a whim and was determined that I wouldn’t stay home this time.

I made sure I packed the week before so I didn’t have to rush after my shifts to do it. I am always so tired after work that all I want to do is sleep.

I finished packing my few bits and pieces and headed to bed to get some much needed beauty sleep ready for the long day ahead.

I got to the airport and the queue for security was massive. It is times like this I am glad I spend the money on Fast Track. I was ready for some food and a sit down.

The flight there was pretty uneventful – so much so that I did something that I don’t usually do. I slept for 90% of the flight.

It seemed to take forever to get from the plane to the terminal and out of the airport. It was like a maze. Once I was out I then headed to the metro to get to the hostel.

I got there and checked in and headed up to the nosebleed section so I could get some rest and I then headed out to get some food before heading back to the ‘hotter-than-hell-nosebleed-section’ room to sleep.


Martim Moniz
Church São Domingos
Praça do Rossio
Marquês de Pombal
Parque Eduardo VII
Taberna da Glória
Bairro Alto
Convento do Carmo
Cais do Sodré
Praça do Comércio


On the day of leaving, I decided I would have a lie in and check out dead on time since I had some time to kill as the flight wasn’t until 15:00-ish.

I rode around on the metro for an hour or so before heading to the maze that they call the airport to fly home.

I got to Stansted and tried to plead with Cross Country to get me on an earlier train but it didn’t work sadly. I had to wait around for an hour. I got home and immediately did my laundry before heading out to work.

I don’t know why I do this to myself sometimes. I went to work abut half an hour earlier than I was due to be there as I was falling asleep and didn’t want to risk missing the shift.

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