I don’t really know why Copenhagen came into my mind to visit since I generally don’t go back to places I have already been to (there are a couple of exceptions), but I decided that’s where I wanted to go.

I think part of it may be to do with the fact that Malmö was just across the Øresund Bridge and would only take 30 minutes by train. Whatever the reason, I booked it and I am glad that I went.

For this trip, I had done some research and booked the train tickets and also the sightseeing bus tickets in Copenhagen.

My flight was an early afternoon one which got me to Copenhagen after check in for the hostel which meant I could go straight there and just chill if I needed to.

Once I got to Kongens Nytorv I had a look at the map for the directions to the hostel. I will add that I thought I was exiting the metro at the right spot but it turns out the metro exits into a shopping mall and I ended up going to the top before I realised what I was doing. I then spied a door to the street and made a bee-line for that since I was tired.

I thought I knew better than the map and decided to walk the way I thought I should be going. I found out later that I don’t know better and I probably tripled my journey time and feet soreness level too!

I checked in and chilled for a little bit before heading out for food and to take a few pics (even though it was dark). To be honest, I wanted to check out the night mode feature of the camera to see how good it was. It didn’t disappoint.

The area of the hostel was very conducive to good pictures. I was staying in the Nyhavn area and only a few doors up from where Hans Christian Andersen lived.

I will add that this trip started 4 days after getting home from Poland. What was I thinking!!!

The day to leave started off really early. I was up at 04:15 to shower and put the last couple of bits in the bag and head to the airport.

I got to the metro just as people were heading back home after a night out. It was so weird. I’m so glad the metro runs 24/7 as I don’t know how I would have got to the airport without it being really expensive.

The flight home was uneventful and just some slight turbulence coming into Stansted. Thank goodness for that after last week and that awful flight back home.

I had a 2-hour wait at the station for the train back to Peterborough – or Cambridge rather and then the coach to Peterborough. It was this long because I buy cheap tickets.

I was so glad to be home to get a couple of hours of sleep before work.