I decided that I still wanted to follow my pattern of going somewhere I hadn’t been before.

I had been looking at different cities in Lithuania that Ryanair flies to so I could see if it would help me decide which one I should go to. I looked at Kaunas, Palanga and then Vilnius. Vilnius won.

I messaged Ken to ask if he would be interested in coming along with me. He was going to come to Prague but wasn’t able to. He said he would like to come to Vilnius – we began looking for Airbnb’s to stay at. Ken likes his creature comforts so would never have stayed in a hostel. He doesn\’t know what he’s missing – snoring people, random strangers, weird smells, crowded rooms, shared bathrooms (am I selling it?). His loss! Haha.

I booked our flights, train tickets to the airport, Airbnb and then not much else after that.

We always said we would look for stuff to do but never got round to it.

We got the train to Stansted and then did the usual airport stuff and waited to board. The flight was around 2.5 hours.

We landed in Vilnius and what a nightmare that was trying to get across the border. The eGates packed up and the system was on a go-slow and it took us about an hour (if not more) to get across the border. We booked an Uber and headed to the flat.

The driver pulled up and it looked a bit dodgy. We were hopeful that he was in the wrong place. Turns out he was. We showed him what building we were looking for and he took us there (it was the next one down from where we were. Haha).

The flat was really nice and everything it said on the listing.


  • Friday was our first full day here in Vilnius and we didn’t really have a plan of what we wanted to do.

    We didn’t end up leaving until after midday as we were tired and I had a lie-in until around 11:30.

    We went to find coffee for Ken and food for both of us. We found a mall a few minutes walk away from us and went and had some coffee and food.

    After we were done, we decided to cross the bridge as I saw a cool looking church that I wanted to visit. We proceeded to go there and then went into the church grounds. As we wandered into the church, we stumbled upon a wedding taking place. It was so weird that it was during the week and also the church was still open.

    We had a look round and took some pictures and then headed down to the old town and had a look around the cathedral and around the square that was there.

    I wanted to get some souvenirs so I had a look at the map and found some souvenir shops and we went there so we could get some magnets. Once we were done there, we continued up the hill to see what was there so we could see if there was anything else we would come back to later in the trip.

    Outside of the souvenir shop there was a busker and then a lady watching him and she went up to him to say she did singing and wondered if she could have a go singing.

    Below is her video. I take no responsibility for ear-bleeding!

    We’d heard enough so carried on walking. By this point, we were hungry so went on the hunt for somewhere to eat. We had a look for some local cuisine but couldn’t find any (much to my relief).

    We managed to find a Mexican place and we sat there for a while eating before we headed back to the flat.

    Locations today:






    Total steps today: 16,485

    Below are some pictures from today.

    Total steps today: 16,485

    Below are some pictures from today.

We didn’t really do much on the last day. We had to check out of the apartment by 12 and then we didn’t have to be at the airport until 4.

We had a few hours to kill so we went and sat at a coffee shop outside and just watched the world go by. I managed to find a scooter and went for a ride around as Ken sat drinking his coffee.

Once we were done, we decided to use our discount and book a Bolt to get us to the airport. What a scary ride that was. Ken even said he was scared. We almost crashed several times as the driver didn’t really care and even tried to take on a bus a couple of times. Needless to say, we were glad to be out of there and in the confines of the airport.

I did record it so people could see how crazy the driver was.

I was so glad to be back in Stansted and even more glad to be back home so I could shower and then sleep.

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