I decided that after Maastricht I didn’t want to go back home on Sunday as that was such a short trip and a waste of my days off and a waste of being in Europe. I decided that I would look at the map to see where was close to Maastricht that was easy enough and short enough to get to on the train.

Cologne won the battle. I had been there on the same trip Jamie and I did the Christmas markets and we only had a couple of hours here and a brief look in the cathedral. I decided that this would be a good place to go since I hadn’t seen a lot of it.

I also decided when I was in Cologne that I would go to Bonn (since the tram went from Cologne to Bonn).

In this post, I will write about Cologne and Bonn. Apologies if it is a long post.

The trip home was a bit of a nightmare. We were stuck on the stand for 40 minutes and I was worried I wasn’t going to get the train home. I realised half way through the flight that I was gaining an hour and didn’t need to worry. Turns out I was very wrong. Below is what I posted on Facebook on the evening in question. Just over 2 hours late getting home. I am so glad for good samaritans.

An eventful journey so far. Train to the airport in Cologne 30 minutes late. Boarded on time at the airport. Stayed on the stand for for 40 minutes owing to thunderstorms over Brussels. Train to Peterborough cancelled. Having to take a train to Bishops Stortford to go to Cambridge. Currently awaiting a train to Cambridge and hopefully catch the last train to Peterborough.


Move to platform 2. Train comes in with a problem and taken out of service. Move to platform 1. Possibly not gonna make the last train to Peterborough. Sleeping at Cambridge I reckon. Lol


Still not at Cambridge. Last train to Peterborough leaves now. Time to cry to the station staff to get me home and get me a drink of water. Keep you all posted!


Some nice lady has just offered me and one other person a lift to Peterborough station. Result. Station staff not very helpful.


Finally home – not before stopping for a cold Tango and some Jammie Dodgers – the other helped passenger had her husband pick us up and they dropped me by the shop. 5 hours sleep here I come!

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