Let me start this post by giving a bit of background as to why I chose Gothenburg.

Back in 2003 I was living and working in London and had a job that paid pretty well and well enough that I could pay my bills and have money left over.

I decided that I wanted to go on my first ever holiday and for some reason Gothenburg stuck out as somewhere to go. I think it may have been because I knew some people who were Swedish and talked about it.

I looked into it and looked at getting around and how close the aiport was to the city and what there was to do.

I was ready to book it and somehow my trip to the USA took its place instead.

Gothenburg has always been on my bucket list from this time and I was going to go in 2018 but illness forced me to cancel that trip and I couldn\’t go.

Fast forward to June 2019 and I finally had the chance to go and I took the young un along with me.

It felt so good to finally be able to tick it off my list after 16 years.

We headed to the airport after Jason was done with work as our flight was at 20:15 and we wanted to make sure we were there in plenty of time to have something to eat too.

We got there and as we were walking through to departures I noticed something about our flight. I stopped and noticed that it had been delayed by about 90 minutes. There was nothing we could do so we went and had some BK (as is customary at the aiport you see) and then after that I looked into the bus transfer times and also looked into letting the hotel know we were going to be late as reception would have been closed.

We finally landed at 01:00 on the Saturday morning and had to get some cash out and get a taxi into the city centre. Thankfully they had a fixed price of 400SEK (about £34). We got the taxi and got to the hotel around 02:00 and it was straight to sleep as it had been a long day for both of us.

We didn\’t really have any plans of what we wanted to do whilst we were there other than the sightseeing bus and the paddan tour.

  • Lorensbergsgatan 6, 411 36 Göteborg, Sweden

All in all it was a good trip and I am glad that I got to cross Gothenburg off my bucket list.

I would say go but don\’t excpect it to be a touristy destination.

You can see all of my Gothenburg pics here.