Ever since mid 2017 when I saw that Ryanair was going to start flying to Ukraine, I decided that it was somewhere that I wanted to go and visit.

I booked it for December 2017 and as the time got closer, Ryanair decided that they weren’t going to fly to Kiev anymore and I had to cancel my flight.

Ukraine was still at the back of my mind and I finally decided for my 40th that I would go to Ukraine. I decided on Lviv – not sure why I didn’t choose Kiev again but Lviv won over.

I decided that I would try and peer pressure Jason into coming along with me and it took all of about 24 hours for him to cave. What can I say – he OBVIOUSLY loves my company. I was also telling Duncan about it and Jason and I managed to talk him into coming along with us too.

They both did say that they would stick to me the whole time we were there. Keeping 3 people alive for a week is not as easy as it sounds! I think for one of the days it was them keeping me alive (more about this below).

I let Jason chose from a couple of hostels that I found and I must say that he made a good choice. The hostel was one of the better ones i’ve stayed in. It was the most expensive one at £5 a night. Win win all round.

It finally came time to leave for Lviv and it was a stupidly early morning. I was up at 4 am and in the car by 5am to be at the airport for about 6:30 for a spot of breakfast before we flew.

The take off from Stansted was truly awful. I didn’t manage to nab the window seat – thanks Duncan! The take off and climb was windy and turbulent and not for me at all. I had imprints from the seat in front where I held on for dear life. Jason and Duncan both said that I should be used to it with the amount I have flown. Jason did also say to Duncan that it wasn’t my favourite part of flying.

The flight itself, once we were at cruising altitude, was pretty uneventful and a nice landing in Lviv.

I’ll write about each full day that we had here and what we did.

It came time to check out and get ready to head to the airport. Of course, I would be feeling much better than the previous day.

We had our transfer booked and waiting for us. We were at the airport nice and early ready for our flight and in a fashion unlike Ryanair, we boarded early and left on time.

This take off was way better than coming from Stansted. The turbulence mid flight was not good and it was a windy and bumpy landing. I had seat imprints again and Jason found this quite amusing to the point of laughing at me. He knows how much I hate it too! So cheeky.

I had the last laugh though since I got through UK immigration straight away and he had to go to another queue. Ha!

All in all though, it was a great trip and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It made me realise how good I have it here in the UK and I shouldn’t moan about it.

You can view all of the Lviv pictures here