So, I decided a while ago I wanted to go somewhere different. Somewhere really different.

I have a friend who is from Bulgaria and he suggested that I should go there. I kinda brushed it off but it was in the back of my mind.

What decided it for me was when I saw Ryanair was opening a new route to Sofia. I decided that I would book a flight and go.

I was told that whilst Sofia was good, it wasn’t the best place to visit. I didn’t listen to the nay-sayers and they were kind of right.

Sofia was good, but Plovdiv was better.

I decided to book a couple of tours for when I was there. I used Traventuria and they were OK. Nothing more than OK.

I decided to do Rila Monastery as a friend suggested this was one place to go.

I also decided that on the last day I would visit Plovdiv.

More about my trip below.