My whole reason for going to Kraków was to see an Andre Rieu concert.

I had bought tickets to see him in December of 2012, but we decided to embark on a Mediterranean cruise instead which meant I couldn’t see him. I was glad we went on the cruise, but also always a little bit sad that I didn’t get to go to his concert in London.

I also chose Kraków as this is somewhere I had never been and I heard it was a really nice city and one worth visiting (I was right in visiting – it is a beautiful city, and everything I had heard about it was right).

When Jamie and I were in Warsaw, we wanted to drive down to Auschwitz but we decided not to as the distance was far greater than the map had originally said (It said it was just under 2 hours – turns out the distance was double). This was another reason I wanted to go to Kraków – so I could visit Auschwitz.

My journey from home to the hostel was pretty uneventful (until I had to rush off the plane and through security in Warsaw so as to avoid missing the bus and train).

It was about £30 cheaper to fly from Stansted – Warsaw and then the bus from Modlin airport to the city centre and then the train to Kraków (and back again) than it was to fly direct from Stansted to Kraków.

The trains were really nice. 2nd class in Poland was way better than 2nd class in England. It was a nice comfortable ride. I got to Kraków and went the wrong way out of the station. I walked for about 10 minutes before I had realised it. I finally went the right way and got to the hostel.

How sad was I to see reception was on the 2nd floor and there was no lift. I was even more sad when I realised my room was on the 4th floor with only one bathroom. Oh well, at least I had somewhere to sleep, poop and shower.

See below for what I did during my time here

Sunday Sightseeing
Sightseeing & Kazimierz
Stare Miasto & Sightseeing

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