After we were done in Brno, we headed down to Bratislava.

We read that you needed to buy a vignette for Slovakia. As we weren’t too sure where the toll roads were, we (or rather I), decided against buying one. I guess we got lucky in not being stopped.

One of the things we try and do is get a picture of the country we are going in to as we cross the border. For one reason or another, our good camera was being a bit pathetic and all I managed to get was a blurry picture of the Slovakia Republic sign.

We followed the sat nav to the car park. As it turns out, it was on street parking right next to the American Embassy (The real one this time and not the Golden Arches). We found somewhere to turn round and parked in a hotel car park.

Parking Tip
The cost of hotel parking is generally quite expensive.

This one cost roughly €3.50 per hour

We parked up and headed towards the markets. We had a good view of the castle as we got out of the car. It’s a shame we didn’t have much time. There were a few stalls along the main street and down towards where the Christmas tree was. On this street, there were also quite a number of statues. It is a very picturesque city.

The stalls here were again just slightly different than others we had been to. The crafts/items on sale were also slightly different from others we had been to – although there were quite a number of similar items.

We wandered around to head towards the Old Town. As we were, there were a group of people just standing round – turns out they were taking pictures of street monument on the ground (Shown in a picture below). I spent time looking in the souvenir shops to try and find a lanyard as I figured I should collect something since Jamie got custody of the magnets. I didn’t find one. Grrr!

We got round to the other market stalls and it was manic. People and stalls everywhere. For some reason, we were getting rather irritated with the people and the market. Like I say, not sure what was causing it. I think it was the headaches, tiredness and hunger.

We decided that we would wander around the Old Town. Lots of churches and old buildings. It was cold and a little rainy. We decided to head back to the market and get some food. We got some potato pancakes with cheese and chicken. They were really greasy but welcome as we were hungry. After we had eaten, we decided that we would head back to the car and drive home.

Below are some pictures from Bratislava.

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