Our 3rd and final day arrived – I always hate leaving to have to go back home to reality.

We were rushed for time, but we still managed to get done what we wanted to. The evening before we decided on what we wanted to do.

We decided that we would go to the Synagogue, Uprising Museum and the Old Town

MapSynagoga im. NożykówMuzeum Powstania WarszawskiegoStare Miasto
Our first stop was a visit to the Nozyk Synagogue. The synagogue was the only one of 400 that remains in Warsaw. The rest were destroyed by the Nazis.

I wasn’t quite sure what a synagogue would look like. It wasn’t anything extravagant or outlandish. It looked like any other place of worship. It wasn’t until you went round the front that you knew it was a synagogue. It had the ten commandments and a Star of David on it.

It costs 10 złoty to enter the synagogue. All are welcome to visit. The men have to wear a Kippah once inside the synagogue.

The inside wasn’t ostentatious either. It was interesting to see the layout. The men sit downstairs and the women sit on the mezzanine.

It was also interesting that the Jews don’t consider the synagogue itself as sacred. They consider the studying and praying as sacred.

Here are some pictures from the synagogue.

Our next stop was to the Uprising Museum. Getting there was a sticking point for Jamie and I. My leg was hurting and it was a 20 minute walk away. Jamie wanted to walk, and I wanted to take the metro. It was mostly in the interests of time that I wanted to take the metro.

The museum is not something that is easily accessible from the centre of the city. It’s better to take a metro or the tram.

We got to the museum and there were school children all over. It was good that they are not letting history stay there. It’s good that they see what happened in their country.

We got the audio guide to listen as we walked round. About half way through, Jamie and I got sick of listening. The snippets seemed to go on forever. We decided we wouldn’t use them anymore.

The museum is a good account of what happened in Warsaw during the Nazi’s reign of terror.

Museum Tip
Allow yourselves around 2 hours to see the museum – there is a LOT to see.

Entrance costs 18 złoty and the audio guides cost 10 złoty

You can visit the museum website here

Some of our pictures from the museum are below.

The final stop on our whistle stop day was the Old Town.

As mentioned in a previous post, we wanted to come back here in the daylight so we could get some pictures.

It’s hard to imagine that the old town is not actually that old and that it is only around 60 years old. They have done a great job at rebuilding it to pre war styles. You wouldn’t think it.

We decided to spend the rest of the time walking around seeing what the old town had to offer and we had to stop off at the market to get some more of the squeaky cheese treats.

Here are some of our pictures from the Old Town.

After we were done in the Old Town, we headed on the tram back to the car. Once we had gotten of the tram, we came across a protest about a bridge. Go figure.

We got in the car and headed out of town. We were stuck in traffic on a road that had tons of traffic lights. I started to get nervous that we wouldn’t make the flight and we still had to stop off for petrol.

We got the petrol and got to the airport with about 75 minutes before the flight. We got to security and there was no way to fast track through. It seemed like we were in the queue for ages and that we would miss our flight.

Luckily we made it through security and immigration just in time for the flight to board. I did feel a little smug as we had priority boarding tickets so got to bypass everyone waiting to board.