We spent 3 days in Iceland and it was a really good trip. It is somewhere that I would for sure go to again.

There are going to be a lot of pictures and not a lot of text in this post.

The rest of our pictures can be found here

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This was our first stop after getting off the place. We weren’t quite sure if we should do whale watching on the first day or this. Blue Lagoon won.

It was extremely cold and snowing a little bit at the Blue Lagoon. We paid €10 each for a visitor pass. This allows you to get into the building and get into the viewing area.

Blue Lagoon Tip
If you are coming straight from the airport with your bags, you can store them on site for €3 per bag

Here are some of our pictures from here

The second day we decided to do a self drive Golden Circle tour. This was really good – minus the blizzard. It was a white knuckle drive for Jamie. At one point, I was pretty scared too. It got to a point where the road ahead was white and you couldn’t make out the road.

The stops on our tour were as follows:

1. Þingvellir
2. Geysir
3. Gullfoss
4. Skálholt


This was really windy – enough to make me feel like I was going to be blown over. Below are some of the pics we took at this stop.


Again it was really windy here. It was also really smelly – it smelled of Sulphur (or rotten egg to you and me). Below are some of the pics we took.


This was the next stop on the tour. It was quite a breathtaking sight to behold. It was also crazy how far back the ice got from the waterfall.


We didn’t really have this one on our radar when we were looking for Golden Circle tours. We got some information with the car rental and this was listed as the last point on the tour so we thought we would do it. Again, it was a pretty little place in Iceland. It was a rather more quiet place than the other stops.

Here are some random pictures from the trip

On the second day, we decided that we would do a city sightseeing tour of Reykjavik. As you know from my other posts, this is something we like to do. This was truly one of the worst tours we have done with City Sightseeing. The guide was awful, the tour was awful, the commentary was awful. It was a 60 minute trip. Avoid at all costs. Jamie decided earlier in the day that it would be a good idea to try and hire the car again. I am so glad she suggested it. It would have been a truly awful day if we didn’t.

The only stop that I thought would be worth visiting was Hallgrímskirkja.

Here are some of the pictures I took from the tower.

Here are some other random pictures from the minibus

After we were done with the rubbish minibus trip, we decided on the road trip. We set Vik as our destination. Below are the stops we took:

1. Seljalandsfoss
2. Eyjafjallajökull
3. Skógafoss
4. Skógarsafn
5. Reynisfjara


This stop was out of the blue. We were driving down the road and I spotted what looked like a waterfall in the distance. We got closer and we realised that it was a waterfall. We decided that we would stop off and have a look.

I thought I would be adventurous and go as far up as I could. It was so nice feeling the spray from the waterfall. I couldn’t believe how icy the steps were. I made it there and back without any trouble. Phew!


We didn’t know that we were next to the volcano, it was weird to think we were there after it caused so much trouble back in 2010. It looked peaceful.


We looked through our somewhat alright guidebook to see what other sites were on our drive. This was another waterfall and also next to it was the Folk Museum.


The museum was a stones throw from the waterfall. We got there right near closing time. The guy on the desk was kind enough to give us 2 tickets for free. We didn’t have time for the indoor museum, so we just settled for the outdoor museum.


This was the last stop on our road trip. This was a different beach. It is a black pebbly/sandy beach. We had a bit of a wonder on to the beach and a bit of a sit down.

Some random pics from the rest of the drive.