So, day 3 was our final day of doing sightseeing touristy stuff and we had planned to go to Kinderdijk to see the windmills. Jamie had seen this in a book on Europe and had decided that she wanted to go.

We were going to go to Rotterdam to do a tour on a bus that was also a boat. We were looking at it the night before to see when the pick up times were. We ended up not doing it because there was some sort of race on in Rotterdam that meant the tour was curtailed and wouldn’t do the whole route and we didn’t think it was worth it to miss out on part of the tour.

Since we couldn’t do the Rotterdam tour, I was looking at the map trying to figure out something else to do and saw that we weren’t too far from Gouda and the Temple. I asked if we should do that instead and we both decided that it would be a good idea. I think Gouda swung it for both of us – cheese you know!

We headed off in the morning and were pleasantly surprised by Sat Nav lady getting us there without any issue at all. We went a different way this time (a nice change from heading the way of Amsterdam as we had the previous 2 days). This time we went on the outskirts of Rotterdam. Rotterdam is another city for our European bucket list.

I am still surprised by the length of place names in The Netherlands. Look at the picture below!

We drove through some small towns on our way there. We figured Sat Nav lady had us on the right road when we saw the sign in the picture below.

As we were getting closer to Kinderdijk, we saw the boat in the picture below. Jamie and I weren’t quite sure whether it was a building or whether it was a boat. Turns out, it is offices and depots built to look like a boat. Confusing or what!

We carried on driving for a couple more miles and we knew we were in the right place because we could see lots of windmills. Then we came across the biggest clue that we were there.

Our next task was to find the parking. We saw some parking but they seemed to be for camper vans only. We saw one that allowed cars and were unsure if we should park there. Good idea we didn’t, it was quite a ways from where the boat was. We carried on down the road and saw the car park right next to were we needed to be. We duly paid or €5 parking and headed to park.

We had a look in the gift shop to see what they had and then headed to the pick up point and waited for the boat. We only had to wait about 10 minutes. We took a quick picture of some of the windmills.

We got on the boat and tried to take a picture of us both, but the couple sitting behind us offered to do it. Luckily they were there and were English too so they could offer to take it.

We set off on the 30 minute trip to the windmills. I will post a few pictures from the ride below.