So, today I saw my psychiatrist in what seemed like forever. I think it might actually have been months rather than weeks.

He asked me how school was going. I told him that I had to apply for mitigation because of everything that had gone on.

I explained the situation to him and what the situation is like at the moment.

I told him about my disassociation with the Flattley family. He told me that it was good that I was doing that. I feel I need to do it, to self preserve both myself and Jamie.

It was, as usual, a short visit. Less than 20 minutes.

He has kept me on the meds and dosages that I am on now. I have to go see him again in August. Seems like such a long time – especially with everything I am dealing with and how it is leaving me feeling. I have to keep telling myself that he is the professional.

I now have to prepare myself to go to a stupid work focused interview tomorrow. Yay! Lucky me!