So, I have been keeping a close eye on the government and there decision to move from the benefits system we have now to PIP payments.

It has been interesting, and also infuriating, to see how they are trying to address the issue of moving to single payments.

It is a system that needs overhauled – there are far too many abuses of the system taking place.

It is making it hard for people like myself – with a mental illness – to claim DLA on the grounds of Mental Health. The rigmarole that is involved in filling out the paperwork and trying to prove a mental illness is shocking. You wouldn’t ask someone with a physical, manifesting illness to prove the illness as much as people like myself do.

A while ago, I got asked by Mind to take part in a survey asking about how moving to PIP would affect my receipt of DLA if I were to apply for it now.

The questions that were asked were right on target. Today (31/05/12) I received an email from Mind to say that they had published a response to the government in relation to the switch to PIP.

It was great to see that someone was willing to write on our behalf. It was also good to see that they are telling the government where they need to make changes to the questions to take into account someones mental illness.

I am attaching a copy if the response for you all to read.

Mind response to PIP