So, today I had another appointment with my psychiatrist – Dr B. Been about a month since the last visit.

We talked about what had happened during the last month. I told him that I was having highs and lows. I told him that I had a high for about a week, plateaud for about a week and then had a low for about a week. That has how it has been for the last 4 weeks.

It would appear that my pattern is 7 days high, 7-14 days plateau and 7 days low. On a graph, it would look like a really bad heart rate! (See below)

My Mood Cycle

He told me to continue on the medication that I am on now – 30mg Escitalopram and 100mg Quetiapine.

I also talked to him about adult autism/aspergers. I mentioned that Jamie had said that I displayed several signs of it. Signs like compulsion about things, having a set routine. I know myself that I have a compulsion for numbers. If I deviate from my routine, I get cross and confused. I mentioned that I had also taken an AQ test. I also told him that I got a score of 41.

He said that different conditions share the same symptoms. He said that compulsion is shared with OCD, Autism/Aspergers and Psychosis. He said for me to bring in the questions and my answers and we could go over it in our next visit.

He is also going to refer me to Fenland Counselling Service. I told him that I had issues with my other counsellor. Luckily, it will be a female counsellor this time too. I have issues with speaking to male counsellors.

That is pretty much the extent of this visit.