So today, I had an appointment with LB (as stated in my last post). It was an alright appointment. It actually lasted a bit longer than my usual appointments. I think this was because I asked for this one. Note to self, ask for an appointment if you want it to last longer than 10 mins!

Anyway, we talked about things and I told him how I was feeling and what I was going through. After telling him all this, he has re-diagnosed my illness and given me another pill to take daily.

He has diagnosed me with Cyclothymia. Click the link to find out more, too much to explain right here and it will probably bore you too.

The extra medicine he has put me on is Quetiapine. It is to calm me down and relax me. Should be fun. We’ll see though.

So, that is about all I have to report for now. Until my next appointment.