So, I have had a sit down and though about some goals that I want to achieve from the psychology sessions. This is something that the psychologist suggested that I do.

I have come up with the following goals of what I want to achieve from the depression and anxiety side of things (Jamie helped give me a little nudge)

From the depression side of things, I would like to be able to react rationally to stress. These stresses come from work, from family and from other life situations. I am also including the way I react to myself in this too. I need to try and react in a manner that is equal to the stress and not give all situations the same reaction.

I would also like to regain the motivation to do things that I used to enjoy. I enjoyed walking, doing school work and other various tasks.

From the anxiety side of things, I would like to be able to cope with socialising again. This is mostly so I can see friends again. I used to be a party animal when I was about 18, and then I stopped doing that. I miss having people I can hang out with.


I also went to see the psychiatrist this week as we both feel that my meds have levelled out and aren’t really doing anything for me. I have regressed back to how I was in February and I don’t want to be feeling like that all the time. It is affecting every aspect of my life and it isn’t fair that it is.

The psychiatrist has upped my dose of Escitalopram to 30mg daily instead of the 20mg I was taking. I will need to give this 2 weeks to see what that will do.

I will have another update tomorrow as I am again seeing the psychologist.