Let me preface this post by saying that our washing machine is broken

We decided that 2 weeks without doing any laundry was long enough. We bundled it all together and put it in a suitcase. We then hauled the suitcase up to the laundromat.

I foolishly thought that it wouldn’t be too expensive to do the laundry (I’ve not been to a laundromat in about 8 years)

It cost £3 for a small load and £6 for a large load. I was shocked. It cost us £15 just to wash all our clothes. We then had to dry some of them because we didn’t want to take them home wet. That cost us about another £6. All in all, we spent £21 on laundry.

I will never go to the laundromat again. It would have been cheaper to rent a washing machine – or even buy some new clothes!