So, we got a call at 10am this morning and were asked to look after our niece Georgia. We were happy to do that.

We decided to head out to a garden centre in Spalding. We went to the Festival Garden Centrethere. We had a look around, got some nice smelling candles and got a Christmas book for Georgia.

We had a look round at the other shops. It was an outlet centre. It seems an alright place.

I took this picture in the car park of the garden centre. I thought it was funny.

I can’t get the picture off my phone. My computer is being weird. It is a red car and on the passenger door someone wrote the word slut. We both thought it was funny. I had to make sure no one was around when I took the pic. In the end I just took it and we got the hell out of there.

We headed back out for home. We got a little lost and had to stop at a shop to get directions. Turns out, we took a left turn instead of a right turn. It was a fun adventure though.