So, Jamie has rebuked me for not writing more on my blog. Truth be told, I lead a very uninteresting and boring life so there is only so much I can write and only so much that happens when you don’t work.

Since I last wrote, the only exciting thing that has happened is that it snowed at Easter. I know, Easter. In all fairness though, Easter was earlier than it has ever been before. It is usally a month later than what it was this year.

We had the missionaries round on Sunday for lunch and while lunch was being prepared, they took great pleasure in building themselves icy white companions. I’ll attach some pics so that you can see.

As for anything else fun that has been going on – I can’t think of any. Life really is boring when you don’t work. Oh, I did work for about 3 days then this dang government decided that it wasn’t for me. What the heck is that all about!!!!! I was a cleaner. I know, I know, I can hear you saying now that you would love to see me as a cleaner. Well, you missed out on that opportunity. How sad for all you guys.