Here are a few pictures from our day today (21/02/2008)

We have bought a new car. It is a Citroen ZX. It was named Bridget by a former missionary – Elder Jones.

We got 2 new missionaries in our small Branch. 1 from California, the other from Oregon. It makes a change from Utah. (To all you Utahns – that’s not a bad thing) It just means more places that we can visit. They are called Elder Jernigan (CA) & Elder Crittenden (OR). They are quite funny guys. They’ve already dragged me out with them. No rest for me! I was called as the Elders Quorum President about a month ago. It’s tiring work.

I have Jamie teaching me how to play piano too. I’ve no co-ordination so it’s tough. I am trying though (as i’m sure Jamie will attest to).

Other than that, nothing much else is or has happened.

Here are the pics