So, what a nightmare I had with my flights. I should have figured though. I never have any luck with flights.

I got up at 5am. Got all of our stuff ready. Got to the in-laws around 6am. Picked up our suitcases and headed for the airport – I had to be there by 7am as I had an 8:10 internal flight. Or so I thought!

I got to the queue to check in, only to be confronted by a member of the Continental team. She asked me if I was headed out on the 8:10 flight to Baltimore via Houston, Texas. I replied that I was and she said that I needed to see a booking clerk to rearrange my flight as it was late arriving due to bad weather and that it would be 2 hours late leaving.

This wouldn’t have been an issue had I not had a connecting flight in Houston an hour before we would have landed. That in turn would have made me late for my flight to London.

I got up to the desk and I was given another ticket for a direct flight to Baltimore on another airline. Much to my dismay, this was with Delta. You have to know how much I hate flying with Delta.

I got to security and was selected for extra security screening. Why was I not surprised!

I got on the plane – the only saving grace for Delta is that I was in Zone 1 to board. I was the 6th person on the plane. Much to the disadvantage for myself though was the fact that it was hard to get myself wedged in between the armrests. What an uncomfortable 4 hours that was.

I got to Baltimore with 4 hours before my plane to London. I double checked with a Delta rep to make sure that my luggage would make it all the way to London as the guy in Salt Lake said it would but wasn’t sure.

A British Airways rep called me to the desk as they had my luggage at the side of the plane and they needed proof that Delta had checked it all the way. Ask me if I am surprised!

I got on the plane and managed to get a minimal amount of sleep due to some rowdy child in the row in front of me.

We got to London 35 minutes early, but had to circle in the hub because of traffic on the ground – just when I thought it was going well. We circled around Kingston-upon-Thames a couple of times and then out over south east London where I used to live and then back to the aiport.

I got through immigration, customs and baggage pick up really quick. I then went to get the wife. I went to the wrong terminal first off. I managed to find her and we headed to where we were getting picked up.

There was traffic all the way home, but we finally made it. What a nice feeling that was.