So, yesterday (being Saturday July 8th) the wife and I and the in-laws decided to go to Snowbird ski resort in Utah.

It was good to go and see it, but we had such a hard time getting there. The car was chugging up the canyon at about 20 miles an hour. We finally made it- even though the car was overheating. I did have to put the hazard lights on though.

Snowbird was good. I enjoyed it. We took the tram right up to the top of the mountain. How I did not enjoy being up that high! 11,000 feet – give me a break!.

Jamie decided that she would joke around and pretend to push me – scared the pants off me. I am so afraid of heights. My legs were shaking all the time I was up there.

I took the tram back down and looked around. We went on the ski lift that was there and when we were in it I was shaking it – much to the displeasure of Jamie.

When we got off the lift we decided to go on the Alpine Slide. I fell gracefully – yeah right – into the slide. Jamie hurt herself as she fell into the slide too. We went down and Jamie left me for dust. It was a good time though.

I was a bit relieved when the time came to leave and we could get back onto solid low ground.