So, we are now (I say now, I mean like 3 days ago) safe and well back from our ‘experience’ of New York.

What an experience it was. We got to New York at 9:30. We queued up for a taxi for about 20 minutes.

We finally got to the British Consulate General in New York. We were there for my wife to get her visa for the UK. We queued up for about 45 minutes. Got to the window, the lady checkhed our paperwork. We paid our $494 for the process. We were told that it would be ready in an hour. 15 minutes later we collected the passport and visa. Hardly seems worth $494 to me. Oh well.

My wife can now legally live and work in England. She is super excited about that – as am I!

We then took the Subway around town. What an experience that was let me tell you. We went from Lexington to World Trade Centre. That part of the journey was ok. We got on and got off at the last stop.

We had a look around Ground Zero (well, what we could see anyway). It was very poignant for me to see it after being in London on 07/07. There were some pictures that some of the children had done as a sort of shrine to the loved ones they lost. Brought a lumpt to my throat looking at them and seeing what they have suffered.

From there we headed to Battery Park to see the welcoming lady of the USA – The Statue Of Liberty. We jumped on the train and thought we were in the front 5 cars as these are the only ones that open at the station. Turns out that we weren’t. I saw the station as we chugged along past it. We got to the next station only to figure out that we had done a circle and were right back where we started. What a nightmare that was. We managed to get into the right part of the train and we were able to see the statue.

From there, we headed to Times Square. That was pretty cool. Loads of people around though. Trying to battle people, taxis and buses is a whole load of crazy!

We headed back to the station only to figure out that our tickets were sending us back to Pennsylvania the next day. We had to queue to get those changed. Luckily that only cost us $11.

Now, we are headed out and back on our way to Utah. Goodbye Pennsylvania!