So, school is finally done. I couldn’t be more happy, but, I also couldn’t be more bored!

School gave me a sense of purpose, a sense of business. Now that school is done, all that is gone.

I am now sitting in the house not wanting to do anything. I have spent one week out the house doing something towards getting a career. I was doing a CCNA bootcamp course in London. I enjoyed being down in London. It brought back so many memories and emotions.

I stayed with a cool family that lives in one of the areas I served my mission in.

I was totally worried that when I got to London I wouldn’t remember where their house was, or how to get to it. I kept checking the map to see if I knew where I would be going.

I got out the tube at Colliers Wood and it was like I had only spent a day away from that part of London. It came back to me fast as anything. I knew which way to head and I knew how to get to their house.

The bootcamp course was OK. It was more of a refresher course. It wasn’t worth the money that I paid for it, that’s for sure. The content was based on a book by Todd Lammle called CCNA (funnily enough). I was expecting to have more exam focussed teaching. We spent the first 2 days going over the theory. It seemed the course was based at those who didn’t have a clue about Cisco and CCNA (there were a couple in the class who had to double and triple ask questions that they should have known the answer to, given how they advertised the course!)

We finally got to use the equipment on the 3rd day – and only to do strictly what was in the Lammle book!

I got back home from London and did another 5 days of study and decided that I was ready to take my CCNA exam. I took it on Wednesday June 26th. It didn’t go so well. I failed it, Not by much, but not enough to achieve the required 85% pass mark! The network sims were the ones that messed me up. I froze and got flustered when I couldn’t get it to work and just hit next. I had 2 of those that caught me out. Oh well, I know for next time right.

I came out of the exam all deflated and I just wanted to cry. This was something that I thought I was good at and something that I need to help get my career started. It has been 10 days or so since I took the exam and I am finally getting back to studying again after the massive ego dent.

Oh, I forgot I was talking about finishing school. Ha ha ha.

I got some pretty good marks. The marks I got all counted highly and helped me achieve the required marks to achieve a 1st Class Honours degree in Computing & Information Systems.

The marks are as follows

Year 2 › Top 60 Credit Marks
Internet Databases (15 credits)
Report: 85
Documentation: 79
Overall: 83

Project Management & Quality Assurance (15 credits)
Assignment: 62
Overall: 62

Computer Network Principles (30 credits)
Report: 67
Exam: 65
Overall: 66

Year 3 › Semester 1
Professional Issues: Computing & Society (15 credits)
Report: 85
Presentation: 74
Overall: 78

Database Programming & Administration (15 credits)
Assignment: 71
Exam: 73
Overall: 72

Computer Based Learning Environments (15 credits)
Report: 68
Artefact: 68
Overall: 68

Year 3 › Semester 2
Change & Risk Management (15 credits)
Report: 81
Presentation: 65
Overall: 78

Network & IT Operations (30 credits)
Assignment: 81
Exam: 65
Overall: 76

Final Year Project (30 credits)
Report: 71
Overall: 71

Final Marks
To work out the final marks, the top 60 credits from year 2 are combined with all 120 credits from year 3. That gives 180 credits that are counted towards the degree classification.

The total marks of these credits are then averaged by 12 to give the final classification.

In my case, this is as follows: Average(83, 62, 66, 66, 78, 72, 68, 78, 76, 76, 71, 71) which gives an average of 72.25%.

As this is greater than the required 70% to achieve a 1st Class Honours award, I have achieved this classification. Yay me!