So, since I haven’t written for a while I thought it was time that I did.

Life has been hectic still since the last time I wrote about what had been happening. The last couple of weeks has been concentrated on getting assignments finished. The deadline is next Monday (July 16)

I had 2 presentations today. 1 was for Management of IT – had to speak about outsourcing. Apparently I didn’t do what was required. I only got 58% on that one. Made me feel a tad like rubbish. I know my presenting skills aren’t the best, but it still feels poop when you get less than you thought you should.

The other one was for Internet Databases. I fared a lot better here. I got 85% for this one. Just a dew bits and pieces that didn’t seem to work. I need to figure them out for my own sanity.

Other than being snowed under with uni work, not a whole lot else has been going on.

Church has been awkward because of issues mentioned in a previous post. We just keep telling ourselves that the ward is big enough to get lost in so we don’t have to speak with anyone we don’t want to.

That is about all that has been on my mind of late. I can’t wait for it all to be over so I can think about other things. Nicer things. One can live in hope…. right!